Attractive Arctic Varanger: Kulturpilot visits Iceland for Arctic collaboration

Kulturpilot (Cultural Pilot) seek painters, performing artists, photographers, filmmakers, designers etc. to participate in the project Attractive Arctic Varanger. The aim of the project is to highlight cultural, historical and natural resources in Varanger, Norway, through artistic creativity.

A fortress from the 14th century, witchcraft stories from the 17th century, traditional Norwegian-Russian trade relations since the 18th century and piracy activity are amongst the rich historical resources of Varanger. Remarkable historical personalities such as Fritjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Agnar Mykle and Maximiliam Hell has left their footmarks in Vardø, an island on the edge of Varanger.

Parts of Varanger are located in Arctic climate zone. The climate conditions and wild bird cliffs attract large bird populations. In addition, large fish stocks, both at sea, in river and in lakes are located here. Moon landscape and plateau landscape, changing light, midnight sun, polar nights and northern lights are some of the many notable natural phenomena. Every season could be heavily felt on the heart and shifting weather makes being here both challenging and beautiful.

Award winning choirs and corps unite local communities through social gatherings and memorable concerts. Rich sports life has facilitated the growth of several pro sportsmen and athletes. Festivals is held throughout the year; Yukigassen, a snowball tournament; Pomor festival, a celebration of trade relations between Norway and Russia; Blues in Winter darkness, a blues and rock festival; and Varangerfestivalen, a jazz festival which attracts visitors and artists far beyond its geographical area.

Artists with interest in scenic surroundings, unique historical and cultural resources are welcomed to visit Varanger and create art here. Kulturpilot will be on Iceland from 31.08.18-02.09.18. If interested to meet up, e-mail us: post@kulturpilot.no.

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